NodeIcon VertexMask

Allows painting a vertex mask on a mesh. The mask can be loaded or saved to a file

The vertex mask stores a floating value in range 0 to 1 for each vertex of the mesh.

Vertex masks can be used with Brush, MixGeom, ProjectGeom and OpticalFlowWrapping nodes.

It is possible to convert a PolygonSelection into a VertexMask using the PolygonSelectionToVertexMask node.


The VertexMask node has a visual editor that allows painter vertex mush on a mesh surface using a brush tool.


Drag with LMB

to paint the mask

Drag with LMB outside the model

to use lasso

[ or ]

to change the brush size

Drag with RMB

to change the brush size

SHIFT + [ or ]

to change falloff

Drag with SHIFT + RMB

to change falloff

Drag with MMB

to change strength

Paint with SHIFT

to smoothing the mask

Paint with CTRL

to subtract from the mask

Press G

to toggle geodesic distance mode



Geometry Geometry to be painted with vertex mask


VertexMask Painted mask



brush radius ranges from 0 to 100 and is computed relative to the size of the model. 0 corresponds to the Min Size Factor and 100 corresponds to the Max Size Factor. Both factors are defined as a fraction of the diagonal length of the bounding box of the editable model


brush strength


brush falloff ratio

Smooth Iterations:

defines the strength of smoothing when painting with SHIFT key

No Symmetry

don’t use symmetry


use topological symmetry


use symmetry in X-axis


use symmetry in Y-axis


use symmetry in Z-axis

Use Geodesic Distance:

if set, computes the brush influence using a geodesic distance on the surface. If not set, Euclidean distance is used

Min Size Factor:

defines the minimal brush size factor

Max Size Factor:

defines the maximal brush size factor

Mask color:

defines the color of the displayed mask in the Visual Editor

Import from File:

loads a vertex mask from a file

Import from Polygroups:

loads a vertex mask from a polygroup. A new selection can be added or subtracted from the existing selection depending on the dialog properties

Import from Materials:

loads a vertex mask from a material


save current vertex mask into a file


inverts vertex mask


clears the current mask. All mask values will be reset to 0

File format

Wrap can import/export a vertex mask to a text file in JSON format. The format represents a vertex mask as an array of float values for each vertex.

[ 0, 0.1, 0.7, 1 ]