NodeIcon UndistortImage

Removes lens distortion using the parameters stored in the calibration camera and crops the selected part of the image.


For more information about the distortion used, see the Camera node.



When importing camera into the Camera node, make sure you set Import principal point option!



Image Input distorted image


Camera Calibration camera


Image Output undistorted image


Boundary Type:

See a scheme below

Keep Intrinsic

Using camera calibration parameters

Inner Boundary

Fits the image so that there are no unwanted pixels, but at the same time cuts off some of the image pixels

In Between Boundary

Intermediate result between Inner Boundary and Outer Boundary

Outer Boundary

Fits the image so that all the pixels in the image are preserved, but unwanted pixels appear

Undistortion Method:
Reality Capture

The undistortion image is similar to the result of Reality Capture

Reset Optical Center:

If set, the center of the image will match the optical center (In other words, the Camera principal point will be set at (0, 0))

Accept Zero Distortion:

If not set and all camera distortion coefficients are zero, the node will return an error