User Interface


Wrap user interface consists of four main parts:

Node-Graph Editor Panel

Node-graph editor lets you create, connect and change node parameters.


Find out more about node-graph editor here.

Node Editor Panel

Whenever you select a node you can see a node parameters inside this panel. Changing any parameter will cause a node to recompute.

Viewport Tabs

Each node depending on its type can be represented in multiple places such as 3D-viewport or 2D-viewport. For example LoadGeom node is rendered into 3D-viewport and TransferTexture node is in 2D-viewport.

If a node require some user interaction like SelectPoints, it can also be presented inside the Editor tab.


You can quickly switch between the tabs using Q, W, E and R buttons.

When you select a node all the tabs where the node is represented are highlighted with blue line.


The timeline makes it possible to process scans in batch mode. Some nodes like LoadGeom or LoadImage allows loading a list of objects. When you switch to the next frame the nodes load the next object from the list.