NodeIcon GuidableReplace

Only in Wrap4D

GuidableReplace is similar to Replace, but rather than take a replacing part from exact geometry, it predicts it by given examples. For example, if you have several expressions with stabilized neck and back of the head, it can predict them for any other given expression of the same topology.


By default, all vertices are predicted using deformation transfer. To leave parts of mesh from Input Geometry you need to provide Vertex Mask Fixed. Deformation transfer can sometimes be noisy around the ears, Vertex Mask Delta can reduce the noise. Transition from both vertex masks can be steep, to prevent that both of the vertex masks must be smoothed.


Input Geometry

Geometry A geometry to paste polygons to

Neutral Geometry

Geometry Neutral geometry, in same topology as Input Geometry

Guiding Polygon Selection

PolygonSelection A set of polygons, which would be used for prediction

Vertex Mask Fixed

VertexMask A vertex mask that defines vertices which will not be deformed after prediction. They will be taken from an Input Geometry

Vertex Mask Delta

VertexMask A vertex mask that defines vertices which will be predicted using deltas


Geometry Input Geometry with replaced predicted polygons, deltas and fixed vertices


Fix Polygons From Neutral:

if set, takes fixed polygons from Neutral Geometry, rather than Input Geometry

Neutral Reference Mesh:

a file name of Neutral Reference Mesh

Blendshape Reference Meshes:

a list of file names of Blendshape Reference Meshes


forces to reload geometries from Neutral Reference Mesh and Blendshape Reference Meshes


Reference Neutral and Blendshape Reference should be in the same topology as node inputs Input Geometry and Neutral Geometry

Compress Blendshapes:

if set, compresses the information from the Blendshape Reference Meshes based on number of set in Num Compressed Blendshapes

Num Compressed Blendshapes:

defines how much information will be taken from the Blendshape Reference Meshes. A larger value leads to better model flexibility but comes with a cost in terms of robustness and speed

Fixed Weight:

Fitting weight, corresponding to strength of fixed vertices

Delta Weight:

Fitting weight, corresponding to strength of vertices predicted using deltas