NodeIcon AlignGeomToCameras

Only in Wrap4D

Finds a transformation to align geom to cameras by point on geom and same points on images. We recommend using at least two views and using points corresponding to the volume of the figure. If you using one view, scale fitting will lose the volume of the mesh.



Geometry An initial geometry

Geometry points

NamedPointsOnTriangle Named points on geometry to align geom


Camera (multiple) Set of cameras to which point alignment will be performed

Screen points

ScreenPoints (multiple) Set of screen points, which match by name with Geometry points


Image (multiple) Optional param. Set of images from cameras to visualize alignment result


Geometry A transformed geometry


Fit Translation:

find translation component

Fit Rotation:

find rotation component in degrees

Fit Scale:

find scale component

Rotation Center Type:

provides the rotation center type used in fitting