NodeIcon GuidableHeadStabilization

Only in Wrap4D

GuidableHeadStabilization finds stabilization transform for input expression using the vertex mask and set of stabilized blendshapes.


Floating geometry

Geometry Geometry to be stabilizated

Vertex Mask

Vertex Mask Mask covers vertices, on which the mesh is stabilizing


Geometry Floating geometry with stabilization transform on it



if Auto-Compute is off, starts stabilization process


if set, the node will be recomputed each time some parameter or input data is changed

Crop Mesh by Mask:

if set, the node will crop the mesh by mask and will fit only on masked region. Greatly speeds up the algorithm without loss of quality

Neutral Reference:

path to stabilized neutral mesh

Blendshapes References:

pathes to stabilized blendshapes


forces to reload geometries from Neutral Reference and Blendshapes References

Fit Iterations:

number of fit iterations

Sampling Radius:

Used at the beginning of the algorithm as the radius for splitting the mesh into patches

Sampling Blur Iterations:

Number of iterations to blur borders between patches

Samling Blur Step Size:

Blur step size in bluring borders between patches

Smoothness Weight:

Fitting weight, corresponding to similar fitting in neightboring patches

Regularization Weights:

Fitting weight, corresponding to limiting the excessive use of blends

Vertex Mask Example