NodeIcon ProjectTextureThroughCameras

The ProjectTextureThroughCameras node projects a texture through camera onto geometry from an image.

You can project texture from multiple views simultaneously. If some pixel of texture can be observed from several views, the result will be the weighted average of them. Use Visibility Threshold to adjust the observed angle.

You can provide a mask for the input image. Zero values of mask mean that this image region should be excluded from the projection process. If the mask contains values between 0 and 1, it will be binarized using the threshold before being applied. If you want to project a texture from several views and provide a mask for one of the views, you should provide a mask for the other views as well.

The output texture will be in the RGBA format. Result alpha channel of the projeted texture will be equal to zero, if there is no UV in this region or if this pixel cannot be projected from the input views.


Source geometry

Geometry Geometry to project onto

View cameras

Camera (multiple) View cameras to project through

View images

Image (multiple) Correspondent images to project from

View masks

Image (multiple, optional) A white black mask, sized equal to correspondent View image


Image Projected texture



resolution of resulting image

Mask Threshold:

mask threshold for binarization

Visibility Threshold:

visibility threshold to adjust the observed angle