NodeIcon EditFacialDetection

Only in Wrap4D

The node allows manual adjustments of FacialDetection results. FacialDetection usually comes as an output of FacialDetection and LoadFacialDetection nodes.

This node can be used to preview FacialDetection results in Wrap4D. If the FacialDetection results exported from Track are inaccurate, you can fix them in the EditFacialDetection node and preview how these fixes affect the final wrapping without having to recompute detection in Track.


EditFacialDetection has a visual editor where you can preview and adjust the results of FacialDetection.

By default, the visual editor is in a preview mode where FacialDetection contours are shown.


If you click on the Edit button, a dialog with spline fitting parameters is shown.


After accepting the dialog the interface is switched to the edit mode where you can adjust the spline shapes.


Click and drag any point to adjust its position. Click on the empty area on the spline to add an extra point. CTRL click on an extra point to remove it.



Geometry A geometry that was used to compute Facial Detection


Camera A camera that was used to compute Facial Detection

Facial Detection

FacialDetection Facial detection to edit


FacialDetection Edited facial detection


Use Camera Resolution:

if set, the camera resolution will be used

Camera Resolution:

a camera width and height (though only used to compute a screen aspect ratio)


shows the spline fitting params dialog. After accepting the dialog, the visual editor is switched to the editing mode


exports the results of editing of FacialDetection


resets changes and brings the visual editor back to preview mode.

Sline Fitting Params Dialog

The dialog defines how a spline should be fitted to the FacialDetection contour.

Max Extra Points Per Contour:

maximal number of extra points that can be automatically added to the spline

Spline Fitting Threshold:

a threshold that defines the accuracy of spline fitting, thus how many extra points to use.