NodeIcon GuidableMesh

Only in Wrap4D

GuidableMesh takes sequence of pairs expression to mesh and generates new mesh by given expression. For example, if you have a jaw mesh for each of blendshapes, you can generate a new jaw mesh for a new blendshape.


Input Geometry

Geometry New expression geometry

Neutral Geometry

Geometry Neutral geometry, in same topology as Input Geometry

Guiding Polygon Selection

PolygonSelection A set of polygons, which would be used for prediction


Geometry Predicted Target Mesh


Neutral Reference Mesh:

a file name of Neutral Reference Mesh

Blendshape Reference Meshes:

a list of file names of Blendshape Reference Meshes

Neutral Target Mesh:

a file name of Neutral Target Mesh, corresponding to Neutral Reference Mesh

Blendshape Target Meshes:

a list of file names of Blendshape Target Meshes, corresponding to Blendshape Reference Mesh


forces to reload geometries from Neutral Reference Mesh, Blendshape Reference Meshes, Neutral Target Mesh and Blendshape Target Meshes


Reference Neutral and Blendshape Reference should be in the same topology as node inputs Input Geometry and Neutral Geometry