NodeIcon DecimateGeom

Decimates geometry to lower number of triangles.

The node only allows manifold geometry as input. If the geometry is non-manifold please use RepairGeom node to fix it. The DecimateGeom node preserves boundary edges.


It is recommended to clean up the model (using RemoveSpikes and remove small components) before decimation to get better results.


When using on photogrammetry data it is highly recommended to generate new UVs and re-project texture on the decimated model instead of using keep UVs option.



Geometry A geometry to be decimated. Only manifold topology is allowed. If the geometry contains polygons with more than 3 vertices, they will be triangulated beforehand.


Geometry Decimated geometry



desired number of triangles in resulting geometry.

The actual number of triangles can be bigger if further decimation is not possible.

keep UVs:

if set, the decimation will also decimate texture-coordinates.

While providing UVs for decimated model it may lead to unwanted seams on resulting geometry.