NodeIcon Camera

Creates a camera object that can be used for multiple purposes:


Camera node has a visual editor that shows Wrap scene through the camera view.


Camera Camera object


Copy from Main Camera:

copies camera parameters, position, and orientation from the main viewport camera


imports camera from a file. The following formats are supported:

JSON format

to import cameras exported from Wrap

Agisoft Metashape (XML format)

to import cameras from Agisoft Metashape

Reality Capture (XMP, CSV and FBX formats)

to import cameras from Reality Capture

FBX format

to import cameras from any software that supports camera export in FBX format (like Maya, Blender, etc.)


exports camera to a file. The following formats are supported:

JSON format

to export camera in Wrap camera format

Text fotmat

to export camera in Wrap camera format

FBX Binary format

to export camera in FBX Binary format

FBX ASCII format

to export camera in FBX ASCII format


camera width and height in pixels


The camera resolution can be overridden in other nodes that use a camera as an input.

Projection Type:

perspective projection


orthographic projection

Field of View:

vertical field of view measured in degrees

Near Plane:

distance to the near clipping plane

Far Plane:

distance to the far clipping plane

Principal Point X:

horizontal offset of the principal point

Principal Point Y:

vertical offset of the principal point

Distortion tab

Coef. K1:

the first radial distortion coefficient

Coef. K2:

the second radial distortion coefficient

Coef. K3:

the third radial distortion coefficient

Coef. P1:

the first tangent distortion coefficient

Coef. P2:

the second tangent distortion coefficient


The Camera node uses Brown’s lens distortion model with 3 radial and 2 tangential coefficients. Visit Distortion(optics) and OpenCV Calibration for more details.

Import a Camera from other Software

The Camera node lets you import cameras form photogrammetry software such as Agisoft Metashape and Reality Capture.

Also you can import camera to Wrap from any other software that supports exporting cameras in FBX file format.

More information about importing cameras from other software can be found in Import Cameras to Wrap.