NodeIcon LoadScreenPoints

Only in Wrap4D

Loads 2D points from file.

LoadScreenPoints can load points in JSON and PFTrack formats. The JSON format is described below.


ScreenPoints Array of 2D points


File Name:

file name to load screen points from.


a format that can be exported from PFTrack software.


a format that can be exported from Track.


forces to reload points from the file.

PFTrack Options Tab

Clip Number:

index of imported clip. PFTrack supports tracking from multiple views in a single project. Clip Number specifies which clip to use.

Screen Resolution:

image width and height that was used during tracking. PFTrack exports point coordinates in absolute pixel coordinates while Wrap works with points in normalized (-1 to 1) coordinates. Image width and height are used for normalization.

JSON File Format

All the tracked points are stored in normalized coordinates (-1 to 1) where X axis looks to the right and Y axis looks up. The point (0, 0) corresponds to the center of the screen. The point (1, 1) corresponds to the top-right corner.

  "FormatVersion": 0,
    "Points": {
        "Nose01": [
                        "Frame": 0,
                        "x": 0.024435,
                        "y": 0.372931
                        "Frame": 1,
                        "x": 0.025539,
                        "y": 0.369124