Nodes Compatibility

Wrap of version 2023.10.* and higher supports individual nodes versions. It allows to adjust node interfaces without raising the project format version. Details on project format versions are available on the Projects Compatibility page.

    "formatVersion": 64,
    "nodes": {
        "Transform": {
            "nodeId": 0,
            "nodeType": "Transform",
            "nodeVersion": 2,
            "params": {...}
        "LoadGeom": {...}

The node version is noted in JSON block with tag nodeVersion. The node’s version is assumed to be 0 if the value is missing.

Projects and Nodes Versions Order

The scheme below shows an example of how individual nodes may evolve along with the project format version. Remember that backward compatibility persists in every new version.

Wrap 2023.09.2

Project format version is 64, both node A has version 0.

Wrap 2023.09.3

Node A version raises to 1. Projects without node A are forward compatible from 2023.09.3 to 2023.09.2.

Wrap 2023.09.4

Same as Wrap 2023.09.3, but A version raises to 2.

Wrap 2023.09.5

Project version raises from 64 to 65. All forward compatibility with 2023.09.4 and earlier versions is lost.

Wrap 2023.09.6

Node A version raises to 3. Projects without node A are forward compatible from 2023.09.6 to 2023.09.5, but not to 2023.09.4 and earler.