Licenses Compatibility

Wrap 2023.06

In Wrap 2023.06 licenses have been changed to Faceform. But you can still use your existing R3DS licenses to activate Wrap. If such Nodelocked or Floating licenses would be found on your computer, they would be silently used to activate latest products, if possible. The more accurate scheme is:

  • If there is a new Faceform license already in the newest Faceform settings, then nothing will change.

  • If there is no old licenses on your computer, the License Dialog will work as previously.

  • If there is an old license on your computer, and there are no new, an old license would be taken and used as a new one.

  • Anytime, running Wrap, you still can go to License >> Activate License to activate new license instead of the old one.

Wrap 3.3

In Wrap 3.3 licensing has been switched to 1-year maintenance model. It means that after purchasing Wrap you can get all the updates for free within one year. After one year you can continue using your current version of Wrap forever but you can’t update it.