License Activation

In order to activate ZWrap you must start it from ZBrush.

Activation steps

  1. Run ZBrush

  2. Load at least 2 meshes as subtools

  1. Start plugin from the top menu: ZPlugin > ZWrap > Start ZWrap

  1. At the top of ZWrap window go to License > Activate License

../_images/ZWrapActivationStep4-1.png ../_images/ZWrapActivationStep4-2.png
  1. The license activation process is the same as for Wrap

    • If you own a node-locked license specify a license file in the Select a license file field. Press the ... button to browse the license file then click Activate button.

    ../_images/ZWrapActivationStep5a-1-1.png ../_images/ZWrapActivationStep5a-2-2.png
  2. Upon successful activation, you will see the next dialog


If your trial or license is expired activation dialog will appear right after starting ZWrap.

In case you encountered any issues during the activation process please contact us using the Contact form.


You can’t activate ZWrap using a license for Wrap and vice versa. Please use the license file that corresponds to the currently used application.