Change Log

ZWrap 2023.12.4

Released on 14 December 2023


  • Application installer now supports custom ZBrush directory through command line interface parameter.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed several bugs in application installer that were caused error messages during installation and uninstallation process.

ZWrap 2023.12.1

Released on 1 December 2023

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the application to crash when using Wrapping with non-standard params.

  • Fixed a bug with incorrect progressbar behavior durning Wrapping.

ZWrap 2023.11.1

Released on 7 November 2023

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug due to which the splash screen overlapped the license activation window.

ZWrap 2023.10.3

Released on 24 October 2023


  • Added Select Splines tab, which allows you to select pairs of points using splines.

  • Added Snapping toggle in Select Points.

  • Added WrapHead2.ZTL in ZWrap gallery.

  • Now the viewport splitter also divides the top bar with function buttons.

  • The top bar elements in Select Points have been re-arranged.

  • Added a Show labels checkbox in the Wrapping preferences.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug with images in Texture Transfer.

  • Fixed a visual bug that occurred when turning off lighting for geometries.

  • Fixed visual bug when point under cursor stays on geom when cursor is leaving viewport in Select Points.

  • Fixed a visual error caused by incorrect mixing of transparent geometries in Wrapping.

  • Fixed a dpi scaling issue that resulted in the ZWrap window not drawing correctly.

  • Fixed incorrect Zooming and Panning behavior in viewport.

  • Fixed the sizes of some buttons that were previously displayed incorrectly.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the ZWrap window to be minimized when selecting a file in the FileDialog.

  • The splash screen and the ZWrap window now open on the same screen.

ZWrap 2023.06.7

Released on 25 June 2023


  • Added a Fast Wrapping and Cartoon Wrapping.

  • Added support Maxon ZBrush.

  • Removed deprecated functions: Wrapping and Edge Sampler.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug with one channel images in Texture Transfer.

ZWrap 2020.12.1

Released on 22 December 2020

Added compatibility with macOS 11.


  • Improve texture projection resolution if the target image size is lower than the source image size.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed V Offset parameter direction in Texture Transfer.

ZWrap 2020.10.2

Released on 9 October 2020


  • Added points scaling on High DPI monitors.

ZWrap 2020.08

Released on 20 August 2020

With this release ZWrap is available for macOS users.


  • Texture transfer tool now supports images with 16 and 32-bit depth per channel

  • Support for EXR file format

  • Wrapping tool can be terminated using the Esc key

  • Wrapping is almost 2 times faster providing the same results

ZWrap 1.1

Released on 17 April 2019


  • Texture transfer tool for projecting textures from a high poly to a low poly model

  • Symmetrical point selection mode

ZWrap 1.0

Released on 23 November 2018

The first release.